Further Maths is a course studied in addition to the standard Maths A Level course and will appeal to students who have a real enthusiasm for Maths, enjoy problem-solving and are keen to explore the subject from the theoretical aspects to the more abstract. The Further Maths programme involves studying both pure and applied modules, and topics covered are more sophisticated and conceptually advanced compared to the single A Level Maths programme. If you’re considering a university course that’ll have a Maths, Physics or Engineering core, then this course will stand you in good stead for your university application.

At university, Further Maths can help you go on to study Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Research, Statistics, Engineering, Risk Analysis, Business and Economics, Computing, Social Sciences, Finance and more. Many universities prefer students to have at least AS Level Further Maths in order to study a Maths Degree. Maths and Further Maths qualifications also play a key role in all areas of science and industry. This course could lead you to a career as an Accountant, Architect, Engineer, or a Banker, Games Designer, Pilot, Programmer, Teacher, Researcher, Scientist or Statistician.

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