A Level

Course Overview

The study of Biology is exciting and broad allowing you to learn about both genetics and ecology along with the causes and treatment of disease and the fundamental science that explains all living systems.

You’ll study a wide range of fascinating topics from molecular biology and genetic engineering through to ecosystems.



You will also develop your ability to understand how science works. You will plan and carry out experiments and develop your skills in interpreting data in the form of graphs and tables.

If you have an interest in science and are thinking about going into a scientific or medical profession, A Level Biology is a great place to start.

5 GCSE grades 9 to 4 including grade 6 in Maths, grade 6 in Double Science or grade 6 in Biology.

Degree in Biology, Physiology, Biomedical Science, Medicine, Sports Science or another Science-related area.

Careers include: Marine Biologist, Research Scientist, Ecologist, Biomedical Scientist, Speech and Language Therapist, Physiologist, Pharmacist and Doctor.


Biological molecules; cells; organisms exchange substances with their environment; and genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms.

A Level

Topics as above at AS as well as: energy transfer in and between organisms; organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments; genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems; and the control of gene expression.

Exams and practical assignments.

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