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Queen Alexandra Sixth Form College students will receive the same level of support and guidance that they would in school, alongside greater freedom in a more independent learning environment. We’ve brought together the expertise of John Spence Community High School, Marden High School, Norham High School and Tyne Metropolitan College.

The result is a unique school-college partnership that provides students from these and other institutions with a specialised sixth form, dedicated to A level teaching and preparation for university and working life The new college will enable students to continue learning with old friends and make some new ones too.

The same goes for teaching staff; students from the four partner schools will see some of their familiar teachers’ faces as these key staff members invest their experience in Queen Alexandra students’ futures. Whether they have come from one of the four partner schools / colleges or from other institutions, students of Queen Alexandra Sixth Form College can expect quality teaching and extracurricular activities that form a rewarding and enriching experience.

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Excellence is Rewarded at Local College

TyneMet College is delighted to announce its success in achieving a Bronze Award. This recognises that the College delivers teaching, learning and outcomes for its students that meet rigorous national quality requirements for UK higher education. The metrics measure student satisfaction, retention, and progression to employment.


Technical Update on Merger

On 10 May 2017, the Board of the Corporation of Tyne Metropolitan College approved the following draft resolution which is now published in accordance with the requirements of the Department for Education.


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