Introduction to Life Drawing

This 10 week course will run 5pm - 8pm on Thursday’s, from 11th January to 22nd March, in specialist workshop environments at the Creative Studios.

Life Drawing will include an introduction to measuring processes and an exploration of a range of media, techniques and drawing methods. Sessions will be structured and directed with themes changing weekly.

Each student will produce an individual body of work reflecting their own level of skill and inquiry and will be supported to improve through one to one feedback.

Observational drawing from the life model will include:

  • Linear Studies
  • Tonal studies using black and white media
  • Long sustained tonal studies exploring black and white media (charcoal and chalk on grey paper & Ingres paper) using a strong directional light source
  • Collage
  • Pen and ink work
  • Acrylic/watercolours

The aim is to be able to use observation techniques and media in response to the model and to produce finished work based on observational drawing. Music will be used in some of the sessions to create a relaxing atmosphere.


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